what saying “not all men” actually does:

  • refuses to acknowledge that gender violence happens too often
  • takes the focus off the men who are violent and/or misogynistic
  • refuses to acknowledge that even good guys can enable the problem
  • makes the conversation about men and semantics instead of the epidemic levels of violence against women

what saying “not all men” does not do:

  • reveal a fascinating new insight that we didn’t know

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The only thing worse than being insincere is having that part of yourself be predictable.


This is not a Half Pipe

The world is enough. Stick with it. I love you.


22 Animals Who Are Like YAAAAAAAS

OMG it’s a snow day?! YAAAAAS! YAAAAAS, they have a vegan menu! GASP is this a Gilmore Girls marathon? It is?!?! YAAAAAAAAS! Oh you are workin’ those shoes, honey, YAAAAAAAAS! YOU GOT ME BEYONCE TICKETS?! YAAAAAAAAAASSS! I found the last one in my size! YAAAAAAAAS! YAAAAAS, we’re having class outside today! Nordstrom Rack is having a sale! YAAAAAAASSS! Those shoes just gave me my entire life, child, YAAAAAASSS! YAAAAAAAS, The Rock just put new workout pics on his Instagram! YAAAAAAAAAAS the government shutdown is finally over! Open bar?! YAAAAAAAASSSS! YAAAAAAAAAAAS, we’re getting the band back together! Half day at the office today, YAAAAAAAAAAAS! Finally got in at the nail shop! YAAAAAAAAAS, honey, yaaaaaaaaas! Did you lose weight because OMG, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!! YAAAAAAAAAS, it’s free sample day at Costco! YAAAAAAAAS, I got an A on that test that I didn’t even study for! New Scandal comes on tonight! YAAAAAAAAASS! This view is beautiful, YAAAAAAAAAAAAS! I just found $20 on the ground, YAAAAAAAASS! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS!!!!!